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 Use our free plugin to help you build back link trades

We now offer an easy to use and spam fighting FREE link exchange plugin for wordpress!

  • Fast installation - As simple as downloading the .zip plugin, copy the folder to your wordpress plugins folder and activate! A small fee billed with ez pay, will complete the registration process. Sorry no Paypal!
  • Once activated and authenticated, our free plugin installs a link trading page to help you facilitate backlink building and finding link exchange partners.
  • Edit, view, delete traded/exchanged back links
  • Visitor clicks on "Add link" and is prompted to add your link first, with your anchor text
  • Spam blocking feature: User must first post your reciprocal link before allowing the visitor to submit their reciprocal request.
  • Only links you approve are added to your exchanged links plugin page
  • Options to adjust and title your link trading plugin page.
  • Yes it works with 3 way / A-B-C trades!














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