Social Link Building

Social media is becoming more and more intertwined in our daily lives. As users of social media, we don’t realize that when we post an article from our favorite website or favorite Youtube video, we are helping that website’s SEO rankings and link popularity. Essentially, what you are doing is contributing to their link building campaign. This is the beauty of social media, a lot of success may be achieved through involuntary word of mouth.

On the other hand, active relationship building via social media can also harvest quality links from people or businesses you seek out. As you may already know, building links naturally will take time because search engine’s algorithms have been developed to analyze the number and quality. Otherwise, if you are acquiring massive amounts of links daily, Google may become suspicious and not accept some of your links. That being said, using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and blogging are all tools for your social media/link building success. Developing trust is key, if you participate in social media and bring relevant information to the table. People will link to you because they feel comfortable and have confidence in your business.

Taking this idea of social media to increase your link popularity one step further. Incorporating a social monitoring tool into your business plan can help you track down potential people that will link to you. What does a social monitoring tool do exactly? It allows you to see who is talking about keywords that relate to your website. You can then follow this person on whatever social media outlet they are using and develop a working relationship!

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