Automated Link Exchanges

Do you use an automated script for trading links?

Many webmasters find that this is a quick and efficient way to swap backlinks.  We even offer a free link management tool right here to streamline your operations!

The best thing about these scripts is that they do all the work for you.  There’s no need to upload new files or play around with editing your links in on a page by page basis.  You don’t have to make changes to your site and deal with uploading those every time someone swaps with you.  We all lead busy lives, so saving time is very important.

Automated link managers also help you to obtain trades even when you aren’t actively looking for them!   Visitors who understand reciprocal linking and find your page may very well submit a link without even messaging you.  Then, depending on your script, the reciprocal will be verified and the link posted, or you’ll have the opportunity to log in and approve it at your convenience.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you cannot reasonably expect all your trades to come to you!  Unless you have an extremely popular, heavily trafficked site, you should still plan to spend time searching out quality partners and offering swaps.  Even so, you will find that your trading goes much more quickly when you have an automated script working for you!

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