Trading Links in Articles

Links that appear in the context of a blog post or article on a web page are highly valuable, increasing in worth as social networking and social media continue to evolve. While exchanging these types of links is less common than trading with directories or links pages, it certainly is a good way to generate valuable backlinks to your site.

First, of course, you need to have a site, or a part of your site, where you can post articles and blogs.  Ideally, this space will be populated with quality content and a mix of postings that contain links as well as ones that don’t.  Once you have it developed, you can begin making connections with other bloggers or webmasters who have related sites.

Search for blogs that write about your subject.  Contact their owners and offer to trade postings — you can write a post on your site, linking back to theirs.  In exchange, they can write a post on their site that links back to yours.  Make sure to have them link directly to the site you want to promote, rather than to your blog, to gain the maximum effect from a trade like this.

Alternately, you might want to allow your swap buddy to write a guest post for your blog or articles page, including his or her chosen links.  You can do the same — then you are sure to be writing about something you know and understand, and you’re also giving the webmaster free content.  Everyone loves free content!

Don’t neglect straight text or banner link trades, but start adding in some contextual trades and watch your site’s popularity grow!

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