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Link Building and Our Services


Is this service really free?

Yes, it is.  A huge part of building links is networking with other webmasters, and we have created this site as a forum for web site owners to connect with one another, trade links, and exchange ideas. We do have premium services available for a small fee of only $10 per month, billed with our merchant processor.

What will I find here?

We offer a discussion forum where webmasters can directly negotiate link exchanges and share ideas, as well as link building tools and informative articles for site owners explaining the best practices for link swapping. 

How does your link building tool work?

Webmasters post a code on their pages that accumulate points for posting links to other sites.  They can then use those points to receive incoming links on sites of their choosing. 

What are the benefits of link trading?

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask.com and others consider how many incoming links there are for a website when deciding how important the site is for the purposes of placement in organic search results.  The more relevant links a site has coming in, the more important the site is believed to be.  By trading links with other webmasters, you can improve your site’s placement and work your way up to the first page of the search results for the keywords you expect people to use when searching for the content you have on your web page.

What is a reciprocal link?

Reciprocal links are the links being exchanged during a swap.  Webmaster A agrees to post a link to Webmaster B’s site, and Webmaster B agrees to post a link to Webmaster A’s site.  Reciprocal links are also known as link trades, link swaps, and link exchanges. 

What is an A>B>C link trade?

An A>B>C trade is preferred by some webmasters who are interested in making their link trades appear less obvious.   In an A>B>C trade, a webmaster who owns more than one site will link to his or her partner’s site from one web page but will ask the link partner to place a reciprocal link to a different page on his or her site.  In other words, site A will link to site B, and site B will link to site C, incorporating three sites, rather than two, into the link trade. 

Should I trade with everyone?

Generally not. We advise site owners to trade links only with relevant sites, or sites which feature content complimentary to your own.  Linking to competitors is not a bad idea, either! 

















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